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PLiska Image Resizer 3.0

This is a free image resizer that can easily resize images in bulk
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As its name suggests, this tool is meant to help you resize images. PLiska Image Resizer is a simple, neat, and straightforward application that lets you batch resize multiple photos at the same time to a predefined width or height.

PLiska Image Resizer is very simple. All options and features are available on the same single main window. It's a bit unusual that you first have to select the resizing options and then the photos to be resized, but this doesn't mean that using the program is difficult in any way. This handy program also lets you select multiple photos but resize only those that are bigger than the chosen dimensions, sparing you the need to manually check only for the larger images in a folder before resizing them.

Another cool option that this program offers is the possibility to automatically add prefixes or suffixes to the file names of the resized images. Unfortunately, I've also noticed that it supports only four image formats, the most popular raster ones: BMP, PNG, GIF and JPG/JPEG, so formats like TGA or TIFF cannot be processed using PLiska Image Resizer.

To sum it all up, PLiska Image Resizer is a nice tool, very simple and straightforward, that offers a fast and convenient way of resizing multiple images at once. Best of all, it's also completely free.

Margie Smeer
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  • Can automatically rename the processed files
  • Free
  • Very easy-to-use


  • The interface cannot be customized
  • Supports only 4 image formats
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